Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Letter "Q"

A game from a friend.

I was told to take my assigned letter and list ten things that begin with that letter and a brief explanation as to why I picked that word. My friend Jacqui gave me the letter Q for QueenBeeCrafts :-) (thanks Jacqui - I think?!)

Time to get out the dictionary and thesaurus!!
Do you want to play, too? Email me for 'your' letter!

1. Queen - For Queen Bee - what else! I have always thought it was cool that my first name means Queen, and that I could see my name on money from Canada, Australia and the UK. Does that mean it belongs to me? If so - send it here!!!

2. Quilts - I enjoy quilts - making them, snuggling under them, sharing the craft with my sister, creating quilts for others. I am not as patient with the actual "quilting" part of it, I enjoy the composition and assembly more.

3. Questions - they should call it "quoogle" instead of "google" because I am always on there trying to find the answers to the 'whys' in my life.

4. Quiet - because everyone needs some quiet time - if only to hear the world around them more clearly.

5. Quarter - I am in yard sale preparation right now so everything is rounded to a quarter.

6. Quotation - I love quotes and am constantly bookmarking collections of them online, and finding ways to use them in my crafts. A current favorite that is posted above my monitor: "A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring up and make new trees - Amelia Earhart"

7. Quick - I admit I am not a patient person - I read fast, craft fast...drive fast (LOL) and like the instant gratification of many crafts. Perhaps that is why I don't like the "quilting" part of quilting?!

8. Quit - don't like to do it, try not to do it...

9. Quail - My son's godfather is a quail - this is his totem from Scouting and one special quilt I made for him featured 12 different totems all paper pieced block by block. The quail was the most complex and I will probably never ever do it again - but for him I would. He is that kind of person. So now every time I see a quail I think of Bob and how glad I am that he is a special part of our lives.

10. Quest - because everyone needs a quest (and a bit of Monty Python)

What is YOUR quest??


Jacqueline said...

LOVE IT!!!!! Regina - you did a great job!!!!!

thanks for playing!!!

Sister Sue said...

So.......why have you been hiding your blog from me? Got to check up on my baby sister somehow! I gotcha bookmarked now so say nice things about me. And keep writing, it makes you not seem so far away. LOVE YOU!